Annual Benefit Luncheon

April 24, 2023

We’re looking forward to seeing you at our Annual Benefit Luncheon! Click here to purchase tickets, host a table, or be a sponsor. RSVP by February 15th to be listed as an Early Patron Supporter on the invitation and additional event materials.
Join us to help empower our Scholars to achieve unmatched outcomes and become future leaders. For nearly 30 years, REACH Prep has been providing exceptional educational opportunities to students so they will complete college equipped with the skills, confidence, and knowledge to make a lasting impact.

Co-Chairs: Carolina Cardoso, Judy Collins, and Erin Jensen

2023 Luncheon Committee

Lisa Argrette Ahmad
Maxine Armstrong
Kimberley Augustine
Sara Bartow
Emmy Bealle
Scottie Bonadio
Tiffany Burnette
Suzanne Cabot
Lauren Caffray
Lucy Cary
Kimberly Clarke
Lauren Corrinet
Allyson Cowin
Susannah Dacey
Trish Davies
Meagan Davis
Donna Densel
Karen Doniger
Joan Duncan
Christina Failing
Kelly Fobar Davis
Afton Fraser
Ali Galgano
Camilla Gazal
Asya Geller
Nicole Geotes
Catherine Gettinger Martinez
Erin Glasebrook
Tracy Grossman
Nicole Heath
Nisha Hurst
Bridgette Jean-Jacques
Carl Jean-Pierre
Cassie Karnal
Lily Khidr
Joni Kimberlin
Tammy Kiratsous
Ali Kreiter
Isabel Lasky
Mara Lehrman
Elizabeth Losch
Mariana Mastalir
Charlotte Matitia
Lauren Mitzner
Samantha Mollett
Ellen Mosher
Heather Mosley
Daisy Neumark
Melissa Nisenson
Lauren O’Shaughnessy
Jill Patricio
Isabel Phillips
Katie Poznyakov
Courtney Quinn
Heather Sargent
Peggy Sarkela
Jane Scaramella
Skyler Serenbetz
Laura Shribman
Christina Schmoyer
Lauren  Schweibold
Natalie Stein
Kelley Steuerer
Margaret Stevens
Megan Sullivan
Claiborne Swanson Frank
Cristina Vittoria
Lisa Volling
Chrissy Ward
Amanda Wilson
Sara Zambrelli Lipman
Carolyn Ziebarth

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