Every year, REACH Prep serves 250 students enrolled in 5th grade through college working with them to ensure success at every step of the way.

The REACH Prep Difference



of REACH Prep
Scholars graduate
from high school



of REACH Prep Scholars
are accepted to a college
or university



of REACH Prep
Scholars graduate
from college in 4-6 years
National average: 64%

REACH Prep students attend some of our nation's most competitive universities and colleges.

“REACH Prep has helped me in my educational journey from the very beginning by providing me with an invaluable support system and the necessary resources for my success.” – Kevin Collado, Cohort 13, Rye Country Day School ’14, Hobart and William Smith Colleges ‘18

Meet Our Alumni


Cohort 15

The Harvey School ‘16

Temple University ’20
Bachelor’s in Finance & Sports Management

Commercial Banking Analyst at JP Morgan

"REACH Prep provided me with the fundamental skills to excel in the professional services industry as a young man of color. Through REACH Prep’s programming, I learned the building blocks of arithmetic, grammar, computer skills and critical thinking, all of which have been crucial to my success in school and now in my work as an analyst at JP Morgan."


Cohort 14

King School ‘16

Villanova University ’20
Bachelor’s in Nursing

Oncology Registered Nurse at Greenwich Hospital

"REACH Prep truly instilled in me a strong sense of confidence and leadership that has had an impact on everything that I have done since. I plan to pursue a Master’s in Nursing and other leadership roles within my profession so I can be the best advocate for my patients and members of my community.”


Cohort 14

Rye Country Day School ’15

Yale University ’19
Bachelor’s in Computer Science

Teach for America Corps Member & Lead Math Teacher at Eleanor McMain Secondary School

"REACH Prep had a big impact on my decision to pursue teaching after graduating from college. In my application for Teach for America, I wrote about the role this early opportunity has played in my life. The REACH Prep program gave me an understanding of the importance of service and a desire to pay it forward. Teaching is something I always enjoyed doing, but over the last few years, I have come to realize the social impact of my work. It is important to me that I continue to make a difference in the lives of students from underserved communities.”


Cohort 15

Greenwich Academy ‘16

Boston University ’20
Bachelor’s in Human Physiology

Boston University School of Medicine MD Expected ’24

"I remember almost 13 years ago in a science class at Prep Academy, we were learning the difference between mass and density. Our teacher did an experiment with coke cans and water where one can sank and the other rose to the surface. I realized that the concepts we were learning were not just theoretical, they were grounded in practical reality. This was the moment I fell in love with science. I’m considering the fields of OBGYN and Ophthalmology and am hoping to use my degree and training to amplify my patients’ voices, specifically for communities of color.”


Cohort 13

Greenwich Academy ‘14

Princeton University ‘18
Bachelor’s in Economics

Harvard Business School MBA Entering ‘22

Private Equity Associate at TPG Capital

“REACH Prep provided me with mentorship that has helped me build confidence to seize any opportunities that interest me or come my way. Starting with my experience at Prep Academy many years ago, I have learned to keep reaching for bigger and better opportunities and have faith in my ability to be successful.”


Cohort 10

Rye Country Day School ’12

Washington and Lee University ’16
Bachelor’s in Computer Science

Venture for America Fellow

UCLA Anderson School of Management Expected ‘22

“REACH Prep set me up for success before I knew what success looked like. It takes gifted children and gives them the otherwise unobtainable high-quality education they need to become high achievers and game changers, transforming them into the leaders of tomorrow.”


Cohort 9

Hackley School ’10

Cornell University ’14
Bachelor’s in Industrial and Labor Relations

Georgetown University ‘19 MBA

Manager of People Advisory Services at Ernst and Young

“REACH Prep truly provided me with a foundation both academically and personally. I consider any recognition that I’ve received a reflection of the organization’s support and investment in me."


Cohort 10

Horace Mann ‘11

University of Illinois ‘15
Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering

Boston University ‘17
Master’s in Mathematical Finance

Data Scientist at OK Cupid

“I chose grad school to continue my academic growth and learn more about the intersection of business and advanced mathematics. It was very difficult, but the grit that REACH Prep instilled in me helped me focus and continue through this journey. REACH Prep has always encouraged me to continue learning and growing, and has nourished a passion for knowledge since my childhood.”


Cohort 10

Brunswick ’10

Harvard University ’15
Bachelor’s in Chemistry

UC Berkeley ’21 PhD in Inorganic Chemistry

Co-Founder and CTO at Verne

Innovator Fellow at Breakthrough Energy ‘21

Forbes 30 Under 30 Energy List ‘22

"When I was introduced to REACH Prep, I was also being introduced to a new life trajectory.  A trajectory defined by superior educational opportunities and one that seemed boundless, where the only limiting factors were your work ethic and motivation. REACH Prep paved the way toward an amazing independent school education and guided me along the way. My experience with REACH Prep shaped who I am today, and is a connection that I will have for the rest of my life."


Cohort 7

Glastonbury HS ‘08

Northeastern University ‘13
Bachelor’s in Communications and Media Studies

Georgetown University Law Center ‘18

Counsel, 20th Century Studios

“REACH Prep is probably one of the best things that has ever happened to me, coming in second only to the amazing parents I was blessed with. Through them, I learned how to walk, talk, think and act like a leader, and I owe my current lot in life largely to the foundation that REACH Prep helped me to build.”


Cohort 9

Greenwich Academy ’11

George Washington University ’15
Bachelor’s in Political Science and Government

Programs Manager at Tory Burch Foundation

"I think that not only was it the skills and knowledge I gained, but it was the connections and the networking opportunities that REACH Prep, Greenwich Academy and George Washington University offered me. REACH Prep was the start of all my educational experiences so it has had a very large impact on my life. All those little skills, let alone academics, were just so key to my career success."


Cohort 12

King School ’13

Duke University ’17
Bachelor’s in Economics

Senior Product Marketing Manager at the NBA

"REACH Prep was one of many experiences that shaped my life in ways I couldn't have imagined. If it wasn't for REACH Prep, I wouldn't have attended King where I was exposed to the possibility of attending universities like Duke where I began developing an interest in marketing. Now as a Senior Product Marketing Manager at the NBA, I appreciate more than ever the role REACH Prep played in starting me on that path.”